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INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: Windows 7, 8, & 10 users
Download and save setup.zip unzip and run setup.exe to install NetSho Player and Producer.
* Note: Only 6 Actors can be on
   stage until you register NetSho Producer...

Be sure to
---> "Read this first"
RED Below
* ( An actor is a picture or video that you select)



     No more hassling with hundreds of useless dialog boxes and Windows controls in order to get your productions done!

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NetSho is powered by the Pavaso rendering engine which was designed from the ground up with input from  producers, directors, and software engineers from the entertainment industry to be the easiest to use and fastest product of it's kind.



Add photos, video, music, and special effects! Then bring your production to life with NetSho. When you're done creating your masterpiece post it to our World Cinema for all to see...

             World Cinema

Create stunning titles in minutes with just about any image or video clip! Then quickly and easily add a soundtrack, Text, and special effects. Once you are satisfied with your production simply  upload your show to the NetSho Passport Server, our on-line title management system and instantly share your production with friends, family and associates. 

NetSho is excellent for weddings, social events, at the office, schools, or anywhere you take pictures or video

Never worry about sending your productions or pictures by e-mail then having them rejected because you go over your allotted  space allowed by your e-mail provider or having your recipients rejecting your e-mail attachments because of the danger of Virus's and Trojans being attached!

NetSho... gives you the power to be creative. The power to share. The power to be your own producer and director. The power to be a star.


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